From tradition to modern

From tradition to modern


This blog is a side edition to my personal web-shop. It's purpose is to show you the lovely and creative ceramic objects that I make and discover some of the "making of" secrets.
Here you can also check my development and be the first who see's the new objects.
Also very important! You can find listed on this blog the events I will be attending and other activities.


joi, 22 mai 2014

Courses and Workshops

Join my ceramic courses or workshops to improve your knowledge of and experience in ceramics in a very lovely environment. Enjoy a great time in discovering more and more of the wonderful techniques of making creative works in clay.
The courses are for groups of 3 to 5 people, but I also give individual courses to those who would like to have separate guidance and of course my full attention. The courses and workshops are made for beginners, intermediate and advanced ceramists.
Make your own group to have a friendly environment, ask your friends to join you.
Each course consists of 5 lessons: 3 lessons covering hand-building and 2 dedicated to decorating techniques. After following these lessons, if you want to discover more, a course can be extended.
The purpose of these courses and workshops is to learn and discover. I will challenge you in technical processes, for a better understanding. So do not be afraid of things not immediately succeeding - the result will be even better at the end.
These courses and workshops are not only about learning how to execute different ceramic techniques, but also about creativity. You can bring ideas of your own, or respond to the suggestions and challenges I will give you.

Ceramic courses

One lesson3 - 5 persons1,5 h€ 20.00
One lessonIndividual1,5 h€ 35.00
5 lessons3 – 5 persons5x 1,5 = 7,5 h€ 90.00
5 lessonsindividual5x 1,5 = 7,5 h€ 165.00
First course of 5 lessons for beginners / intermediate
  • Coiling
  • Working with slabs
  • Using molds (casting and pressing)
  • Casting and sliptrailing
  • Sgraffito technique
Examples of lessons for advanced
  • Ceramic-lithography
  • Raku firing

Ceramic workshops

Ceramic lithography- This workshop requires a little preparation from you. Each person that attends this workshop has to send me some images that they want to use on the clay (maximum of 10 x 7 centimeters / 4 x 3 inches / 1200 x 900 pixels). In general terms, the image has to be black and white, close to a drawing sketch. Try to avoid too many shades of gray. Then I will prepare the transfer papers beforehand, so we can directly start work in the workshop.
This workshop comprises two sessions. The first session includes the making / creation of two clay objects for different experiments in transfer technique and the second one will be for glazing the objects.
The two sessions will take place in two subsequent weekends.
Raku firing- This workshop also consists of two sessions. In the first session the beginning / inter­mediate ceramists will create three objects in three different shaping techniques. One object is to experience the coiling technique, one to investigate slab building and the third discovers the process of pressing clay in the mould. In this way, you will get a better understanding / experience in situations of firing. For beginners I suggest three shapes: cylinder, cube and sphere. For advanced ceramists, the shapes can be more complex. They might also choose to bring their already prepared and bisqued work, so they can attend only to the firing process.
The second session will be about decorating technique special for Raku firing.
Technical process illustrated:

Ceramic workshops

For this technique you need to attend both sessions
3 -5 persons3 h - first session
1,5 h - second session
€ 80
individualidem€ 100

Raku firing3-5 persons2x 5 = 10 h - two sessions€ 60 - one session

€ 100 - two sessions

Every first weekend of each quarter there will be an exhibition of work made in the last quarter.
Courses can start when three pupils have registered. The first available time slot is July 8th, 2014 & the four subsequent Tuesdays.Course days can be arranged in consultation on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Mail me for possibilities:
Workshops will take place in the weekends, if at least three persons have registered. The first availabilities are:
Ceramic-lithography 5 & 12 July, 2014
Raku19 & 20 July, 2014

Brochure PDF
Download Here


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