From tradition to modern

From tradition to modern


This blog is a side edition to my personal web-shop. It's purpose is to show you the lovely and creative ceramic objects that I make and discover some of the "making of" secrets.
Here you can also check my development and be the first who see's the new objects.
Also very important! You can find listed on this blog the events I will be attending and other activities.


vineri, 25 aprilie 2014

De Klei en Vuurmarkt- Ceramic Lithography demonstration

A large collection of my work presents a very special technique, called: ceramic lithography, which means transfer of an image on the clay. 
The participation at the De Klei en Vuurmarkt, organized by the ceramic company Ve-Ka, was to make a presentation  and to demonstrate how I realize my work.
 In this collection of photos you can see some of the demonstrating parts.

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